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Coming this November

One of the Biggest College Campus Events of its Kind in the U.S.

Since 1998 the University of Utah Veterans Day Committee has selected Utah veterans to be honored in a special military service at a November commemoration ceremony. The day of the commemoration offers a full schedule of activities that are free and open to the public, including a medallion ceremony, cannon salute, and a morning panel discussion with military and civilian experts. As the state’s flagship institution, the University of Utah is a befitting place to honor the Utah men and women who so valiantly served our country in armed conflict.

2017 Honorees


David A. Dungan

U.S. Navy, Vietnam

Quayle W. Dutson

U.S. Army, Vietnam

James R. Fowler

U.S. Navy, Vietnam

Ronald C. Fry

Army/Utah Army National Guard, Kosovo/Afghanistan

Edwin J. Garn

U.S. Navy/Utah Air National Guard, Vietnam

Deena Haag

Utah Army National Guard, Afghanistan

John N. Hansen

U.S. Navy, Iraq

Robert A. Lilly, Jr.

U.S. Air Force, Vietnam

Christian A. Nelson, Jr.

U.S. Navy, Vietnam

Verne T. Nelson

U.S. Marine Corps, Korea

Gayle B. Stewart

U.S. Army, Korea