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Brent F. Anderson

2022 Honoree

U.S. Air Force / Utah Army National Guard

Brent F.  Anderson enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in March 1988 attending Basic Training at Lackland AFB, in San Antonio, TX.  He then attended Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, TX and was assigned to Loring AFB, Maine as a Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist. In 1994, he simultaneously completed Officer Candidate School (OCS) at the Utah Military Academy and then commissioned as a Second Lieutenant with the Utah Army National Guard.

Anderson has worked as an Assistant Professor of Military Science, Battalion Adjutant, and ISSO at Brigham Young University Army ROTC.  He has served as the Training Officer and later as the Officer in Charge, for the Southern Utah University Army ROTC from 2000 to 2006.

In June of 2006 he deployed with I Corps Artillery to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom for 15 months as an Embedded Tactical Trainer. The following year he was an Embedded Tactical Trainer and Afghan Army Senior Mentor where he was instrumental in building relationships with Afghanistan Army leaders, Afghanistan National Police and local government officials through mentoring and leadership development. While assigned to the 205th Kandak in Kandar, Afghanistan, Anderson utilized his mentoring skills to increase their readiness, unit cohesion, combat effectiveness, and civilian relationships.

During his time in the Utah Army National Guard, Anderson served concurrently as the Commander of 2ndBattalion 222nd Field Artillery “Tripple Deuce” and Deputy Operations Officer (G3). As Commander, he developed junior officers and Non-Commissioned Officers to improve the readiness of the Battalion, and lead them through two major force structure changes. Because of Anderson’s exceptional leadership, he ensured 96% Soldier readiness, which in itself, is extraordinary.

COL Anderson is married to his wife Lourie, and have five children. He is very proud that one of his sons and a son in-law are currently serving in the Military.