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2005 ~ Fighter Bombers: Among the Bravest of the Brave


Illustration of P-51 Mustangs in Formation, Dave Meikle
P-51 Mustangs in Formation
Credit: Dave Meikle


Alden Rigby, Major in Army Air Corps (Retired) WWII, Central Europe 44-45, P-51 Mustang

Frederick Menning, Marine Corps, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Vietnam 68-69, Commanded a Marine F-4 Phantom squadron

Leslie Kappel, Navy, Captain (Retired) Vietnam 68-72; Lebanon and Granada, 1983; Croatia/Serbia 1993

Paul Madsen, Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel; Afghanistan and Iraq, 1991-2005; 419th Fighter Wing Deputy Operations Group Commander



Jeremy Taylor, Navy, Rear Admiral (Retired) Vietnam, 66-71, Squadron, air wing, ship, and aircraft carrier command