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2008 ~ MEDIC!

 Soldiers on a battlefieldSilhouette of MASH medics

When the electrifying wartime call, “Medic!” goes out, military medicine responds quickly and creatively with life-shaping care. This care has spilled over into daily civilian medicine.



WWII — Ora Mae Hyatt, Combat nurse on Okinawa. Responsible for saving many lives as she worked her medical magic there.

Korea — Don G. Reaveley, Will share his experience from being wounded in combat

Vietnam — Elmo Taylor, Combat medic who became a physicians assistant to bring his medic skills to civilian life.

COL William Phiefer, Staff surgeon 96th RRC, trauma doctor at two Denver hospitals, instrumental in marketing combat trauma protocols to civilian trauma centers.



Thomas O. McMasters, Curator (Director) U.S. Army Medical Department Museum, Fort Sam Houston, Texas