2013 ~ Women in Combat Arms

              Our panelist discussed where women have been in the military, where they are now, and what changes are coming regarding the role of women in combat positions. Panelists Jerry Acton (Ret), Utah Army National Guard Chief Warrant Officer Deena Haag, Apache Helicopter Pilot, Utah Army National Guard Mr. […]

2012 ~ Korea – The Forgotton War

              Experts discuss what events led up to the Korean war, what happened during the conflict, and why it’s still relevant decades later. Panelists LT. Col Dick Raybould (Retired US Army) LT. Col. Chris Gedney (Retired USAF)   Moderator Walter Jones, Marriott Library, Librarian

1998 ~ D-Day Through the Eyes of Those Who Were There

Five veterans who were on the beach, in the air, and on the sea on June 6, 1944 at Normandy recount their experiences on that fateful day. Panelists Robert Hinckley, Army Air Force B-24 crew William D. Rice, Navy minesweeper officer Glen LaPine, Paratrooper 82nd Airborne Div. J. Robert Bullock, Skipper of Navy LCF Allan […]

1998 ~ Five Veterans from Five Wars

Five veterans, one each from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm reflect on their lives in the military and contrast their widely varying experiences. Panelists J. Robert Bullock, , Skipper of Navy LCF, WWII Glen LaPine, Paratrooper 82nd Airborne Div., WWII William D. Rice, Navy minesweeper officer, WWII Carl M. Mott, […]

1999 ~ The 10th Mountain Division in WWII

Five Army vets describe life as World War II “mountain troops.” Panelists Bob Woody, C Company, 85th Regiment Jim Powell, B Company, 85th Regiment Jack Wright, B Company, 85th Regiment Lyle Bryner, B Company, 85th Regiment Frank Chuk, B Company, 85th Regiment   Moderator Rick Reese, Veterans Day celebration chairman  

1999 ~ The War in The Pacific

Six veterans of the war in the Pacific describe their widely varying experiences in “America’s War.” Panelists Paul Flandro, 2nd Marine Division, artillery George Wahlen, Navy corpsman, Medal of Honor Keith Renstrom, Marine Corps gunnery sergeant Cal McPhee, Navy submarine, USS Finback Chase Nielsen, Doolittle’s Raiders, Army Air Corps Don Bush, Navy, Joint Assault Signal […]

2000 ~ Memories of the Korean War

On the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War, seven vets from all branches come together to discuss their wartime experiences. Panelists John Cole, Marine Corps, Fire team leader Nyle Jones, Army, anti-aircraft battalion Jess McCall, Navy, attached to Marine Corps Tom Christensen, Utah National Guard, Artillery Bill Jaecke, 24th Division, Army infantry […]

2001 ~ By Sea and Stealth: Marine Raiders of WWII

Four members of the legendary Marine Raiders — one from each of the four Raider battalions — recount their experiences in the Pacific. Panelists Darrel Loveland, 2nd Raider Battalion Robert C. Kennedy, 1st Raider Battalion Clarence “Bob” Belknap, 3rd Raider Battalion Rex Guymon, 4th Raider Battalion   Moderators Matt Green, Army Cadet Rick Reese (standing), […]

2002 ~ In Harm’s Way: Americans at War

    Five Utah veterans from World War II and Vietnam talk about unusually dangerous combat experiences. Panelists Dale Osborne, Navy carrier pilot, USS Hancock, Vietnam Nicholas Miller, Army, 101st Airborne Division medic, Vietnam M.J. “Max” Eschler, Army 752nd Tank Battalion, WWII Chase Nielsen, Army Air Corps, Doolittle’s Raiders, WWII Max Gollaher, Navy, Landing Craft […]

2003 ~ The War Against Terrorism: Afghanistan

  Members of the Utah Army National Guard 19th Special Forces Group discuss their recent experiences fighting terrorism in Afghanistan. Panelists Mark Evans, Staff Sergeant, Special Forces Medic Bradley Kingston, Sergeant 1st Class, Intelligence NCO Layne Morris, Sergeant 1st Class, Special Forces Engineer Michael Silver, Captain, Special Forces Officer