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2001 Honoree

Max Gollaher

Branch: Navy ** Served In: WWII

Max GollaherMax Gollaher joined the Navy in 1943 and trained on Landing Craft Control boats (LCCs) which were equipped with top-secret sonar and communication equipment. LCCs led Marine-filled landing craft through coral reefs and onto Pacific island invasion beaches. As the first boats in line, the LCCs were prime targets of the Japanese. In Gollaher’s unit the mortality rate was 84 percent. Gollaher also swam under heavy fire to set buoys to mark landing areas just off the invasion beaches. He served in action at Guadalcanal, Guam, Leyte Gulf, Saipan and Okinawa. At Saipan, Gollaher’s LCC spent eight days floating 50 yards from the beach directing the inbound invasion traffic.